Euronda Alle®

Your surgical field Simply perfect

Alle® is the line of disposable products designed specifically to create a sterile and uncontaminated surgical field for dental procedures, and to prevent the risk of infection. Alle® is a comprehensive line of products aimed at providing dental clinics with the high standards of protection required in operating rooms.

Mission asepsis

For an uncontaminated working environment

Asepsis is the absence of bacterial contamination and the set of techniques aimed at eliminating the presence of contaminants that can create infections during surgery procedures. With a view to avoiding cross-contamination and fostering an uncontaminated environment in every clinic, Alle provides all the equipment necessary for:

  • The protection of operators and patients with appropriate clothing
  • The protection of the surgical field with sterile disposable draping
  • The sterile protection of irrigation and suction
  • The preparation and protection of surgical tables
  • The protection of surgical equipment and devices