Alle® Irrigation lines

Management and cooling of the surgical area and burs

Proper irrigation during the creation of the implant site is essential for the necessary osseointegration of the implant and, consequently, the procedure’s success. Mechanical and manual irrigation lines are compatible with the main physiodispensers and mechanised systems available on the market. All irrigation lines are Medical Devices of Class IIa, subject to Regulation 2017/745.

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    Totally compatible with the main physiodispensers and implant drills on the market.
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    High quality

    Robust plastic materials and high-quality parts, free from phthalates. No scrupulous manufacturing processes.
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    Individually packed in sterile blister packs with labels for maximum traceability: sterility guaranteed for 59 months.

Alle® Saline solution

Soluzione fisiologica Alle

Sterile isotonic solution suitable for irrigating surgical areas while cooling rotary instruments during operations, it is specially designed not to alter extracellular osmotic balance during procedures.