Alle® Sterile drapes

Maximum protection for your surgical field

When procedures for setting up surgical fields are followed, sterile and disposable drapes are used to create an uncontaminated environment, protecting both surgical areas and professionals. A range of different materials, sizes and models are available. They are made with a layer of soft, absorbent and waterproof nonwoven fabric and a layer of polyethylene film to create a protective barrier and reduce the risk of post-operative infections caused by migrating pathogenic germs.

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    Available in breathable, water-repellent Spunlace, and nonwoven fabric or cellulose coupled with a polyethylene layer, which makes them absorbent and waterproof.
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    A number of varieties are available in different sizes and lengths, including basic draping, drapes with adhesive tape, drapes with central openings and off-centre openings, and drapes with U cuts.
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    Individually packaged to guarantee sterility for 5 years and comes with a peel-off label for traceability.