Alle® Base Set

Essential for operating in total safety

All the essentials you need to begin any procedure. Specially designed for implant surgery. The product of joint studies with experts in dental surgery. A modified version of the Implant Set.

  • Classification

    MD class I s

  • Sterility

    Sterility guaranteed for 59 months from the date of production

  • Packaging

    Packed in a sterile medical
    blister pack a with a
    double adhesive label.
    The components are
    individually folded and
    wrapped in medical paper

Code Content Material Size Pcs
270106 Standard gown with cotton cuffs Non-woven fabric One size 1
Standard gown with elastic cuffs Non-woven fabric One size 2
Cap with ties at the back Non-woven fabric One size 1
Round cap with elastic Non-woven fabric One size 2
Facemask with ties Non-woven fabric One size 1
Monoart® face mask PTC3 Non-woven fabric One size 2
Drape with U cut with adhesive Non-woven fabric + polyethylene 75 x 90 cm / cut 11 x 9 cm 1
Surgical drape Non-woven fabric + polyethylene 50 x 75 cm 2
Tubing sleeve with elastics Polyethylene 120 x 7 cm 1
  • Plus


    The Euronda Alle® sets satisfy individual needs for all kinds of surgery.
  • Plus


    Contents are organised in a practical way and components are arranged in order of use.
  • Plus


    The sterile sets significantly reduce the time needed to set up your operating field and make it easy to manage your purchases.