Alle® Drape with off-centre adhesive opening

Safety for better access to the surgical field

This item has the same features as the drape with central opening, but its off-centre opening enables you to maximise use of the drape’s dimensions. The drapes are folded so that staff members maintain a clean and sterile environment while handling them. Available in various sizes and packed in sterile medical blister packs. The double adhesive label with barcode means that the product is traceable and easier to store.

  • Classification

    MD classe I s

  • Colore

    Light Blue

  • Material

    NWF + PE 54 g/m2

  • Sterility

    Sterility guaranteed for 59 months from the date of production.

Code Pcs Width Length Opening width Opening width From top
270228 25 100 cm 150 cm 6 cm 9 cm 47 cm