Alle® Saline solution

Sterile isotonic solution suitable for irrigating surgical areas while cooling rotary instruments during operations or oscillating instruments during piezoelectric surgery.
The solution is specially designed not to alter extracellular osmotic balance during procedures. After surgery, it can be used to remove blood and tissue fragments, and to wash and irrigate wounds.
  • Classification

    Class IIa Medical Device

  • Sterility

    Sterility guaranteed for 3 years from the sterilization date

  • Ingredients

    Pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride (0.9%) and water for injectable preparations

  • Format

    500 ml or 250 ml

Code Format Pieces
270631 500 ml 15
270633 250 ml 20
Euronda Alle physiological solution
  • Plus


    Designed to be used with a peristaltic pump, it adapts to all physiodispensers. Compared to classic bottles, the bag is easier to use and less fragile.
  • Plus


    It is used both to cool oscillating and rotary instruments during dental procedures and to irrigate surgical areas, removing saliva, blood and any other residue.
  • Plus


    The Euronda Alle saline solution is sterile and has a 3-year shelf life. It has been tested for safe contact with tissue, bone and dentine for up to 24 hours.