Alle® Sterile sets

Totally safe and practical for all your needs

A complete line of single-use, sterile sets for the protection of dentists, assistants and patients, and for the preparation of surgical fields. These sets have been carefully designed to respond effectively to the needs of all surgical operations. The contents of the sets vary based on the type of procedure and consist of multiple sterile products packaged in order of use. These sets satisfy requirements for a variety of procedures in particular, there are four sets designed for gowning, two sets for implantology, two for preparing your operating field, and one that contains every tool needed to deal with any type of surgery.

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    The Euronda Alle® sets satisfy individual needs for all kinds of surgery
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    Contents are organised in a practical way and components are arranged in order of use.
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    The sterile sets significantly reduce the time needed to set up your operating field and make it easy to manage your purchases.