Surgical drapes

Fast absorption, maximum barrier effect

The nonwoven fabric bonded with the polyethylene material absorbs bodily fluids without compromising the product’s protective barrier. With its outstanding drapability, the ‘no-memory’ material retains particles without releasing them into the air. Drape available in various sizes that can be adapted to any surface or equipment being covered.

  • Classification

    MD class I s

  • Sterility

    Sterility guaranteed for 59 months from the date of production

  • Material

    Non-woven fabric + polyethylene

  • Color

    Light Blue

Code Color Material Pcs Width Length
270201 Light blue Non-woven fabric + polyethylene 125 50 cm 50 cm
270202 Light blue Non-woven fabric + polyethylene 100 50 cm 75 cm
270203 Light blue Non-woven fabric + polyethylene 50 75 cm 90 cm
270204 Light blue Non-woven fabric + polyethylene 25 100 cm 150 cm
270231 Light blue Non-woven fabric + polyethylene 20 150 cm 200 cm
  • Plus


    Available in breathable, water-repellent Softesse®, and nonwoven fabric or cellulose coupled with a polyethylene layer, which makes them absorbent and waterproof.
  • Plus


    A number of varieties are available in different sizes and lengths, including basic draping, drapes with adhesive tape, drapes with central openings and off-centre openings, and drapes with U cuts.
  • Plus


    Individually packaged to guarantee sterility for 5 years and comes with a peel-off label for traceability.