Spunlace drape with no panic window

For more demanding procedures

Drape with triangular opening and Velcro tubing holder. Designed to protect the patient’s eyes from accidental injuries and splashes, the drape features a protective window made from see-through material, enabling the patient and dentist to see each other during a procedure. Made from Spunlace, it is exceptionally comfortable, highly breathable and very water-resistant. Studied for lengthy, complex surgical operations, it is packed in a sterile medical blister pack and the double adhesive label with barcode means that the product is traceable and easier to store.

  • Classification

    MD class I s

  • Material

    NWF Spunlace 67 g/m2, latex free

  • Color

    Light Blue

  • Sterility

    Sterility guaranteed for 59 months from the date of production.

Code Pcs Width Length Opening width Opening height Window width Window height
270226 5 133 cm 200 cm 11 cm 10 cm 13 cm 4,5 cm
  • Plus


    Available in breathable, water-repellent Spunlace, and nonwoven fabric or cellulose coupled with a polyethylene layer, which makes them absorbent and waterproof.
  • Plus


    A number of varieties are available in different sizes and lengths, including basic draping, drapes with adhesive tape, drapes with central openings and off-centre openings, and drapes with U cuts.
  • Plus


    Individually packaged to guarantee sterility for 5 years and comes with a peel-off label for traceability.