Spunlace drapes

For more demanding procedures

Spunlace non-woven fabric is exceptionally comfortable, highly breathable and very water-resistant. Specially designed for long and complex surgical operations. With a variety of different models available, the drapes are designed to satisfy all surgical needs. Packed in a sterile medical blister pack, they are folded so that staff members maintain a clean and sterile environment while handling them. The double adhesive label with barcode means that the product is traceable and easier to store.

  • Classification

    MD classe I s

  • Material

    NWF Spunlace 67 g/m2, latex free

  • Color

    Light Blue

  • Sterility

    Sterility guaranteed for 59 months from the date of production.

Code Type Size (cm) Pcs
270222 Rectangular drape without adhesive 75x100 cm 40
270223 Drape with U-shaped cut, without adhesiveand cable hole for aspirator 133x200 cm adhesive cut 6,5x50 cm 10
270224 Drape with adhesive U-shaped cut and cable hole for aspirator 133x200 cut 6,5x50 cm 10
270225 Drape with off-centre adhesive opening 100x150 cm opening 6x9 cm 25
  • Plus


    High drapability: once laid out, the material remains in place without moving or slipping.
  • Plus


    Spunlace prevents body temperature from rising thanks to the material’s high breathability.
  • Plus


    The highly opaque fabric minimises the risk of distractions caused by reflective glares.