Alle® Gowns

The first level of defence for doctors and assistants

The purpose of using barrier systems (sterile disposable gowns and draping) during surgery is to protect both the patient and staff members in the operating room from the transfer of micro-organisms, bodily fluids and particles.

When worn properly, they help to keep your operating fields sterile. Comfortable, soft, waterproof and breathable, they provide the utmost comfort during procedures. Some disposable barrier systems are available in non-sterile versions as well, to provide comfort for all professionals and patients.

Gowns Comparison: choose the most suitable gown among the different colors, sizes and tissues!

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    For any need

    Available in nonwoven fabric, nonwoven fabric coupled with a polyethylene layer, SMS microfibre and breathable Spunlace material to provide the desired level of comfort.
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    A comprehensive range of sterile gowns to protect dentists, patients and whole surgery teams.
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    Packed with peel-off labels to provide maximum traceability and security for dental clinics.