Alle® SMS Microfiber gown

Light, comfortable and fits perfectly

Made from light, water-repellent SMS microfibre material and complete with cotton cuffs and surgical pleats. The double lace fastening (inside and out) and Velcro neck strap guarantee the perfect fit. Available in sterile and non-sterile versions, based on your needs. Comes with two sterile paper hand towels.

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  • Classification

    MD class I s (sterile)
    MD class I (non sterile)
    Compliant with EN 13795 standard

  • Material

    SMS Microfiber 35 gr/m2 latex free

  • Size

    M, L, XL

  • Color


  • Sterility

    Sterility guaranteed for 59 months from the date of production. Non-sterile version also available.

Size Code - non sterile Code - sterile Pcs Shoulder width Thorax width Total arm length Arm width Cuff length Neck circumference Maximum length of gown Total circumference of gown
M 270422 270405 12 57 cm 63 cm 76 cm 29 cm 7 cm 71 cm 128 cm 149 cm
L 270423 270406 12 57 cm 65 cm 79 cm 29 cm 7 cm 74 cm 133 cm 148 cm
XL 270424 270407 12 66 cm 75 cm 88 cm 29 cm 7 cm 75 cm 134 cm 160 cm
  • Plus


    Perfect for routine, medium-length implant and periodontal procedures.
  • Plus


    The unique, enveloping shape provides the perfect fit, with very low risk of the material tearing.
  • Plus


    Each sterile gown is packed in a sterile medical blister pack and complete with a double adhesive label with barcode to provide maximum traceability.