Alle® Softesse® gown

Outstanding comfort for complex operations

Softesse® nonwoven fabric is the most advanced material available on the market. This highly breathable gown is exceptionally comfortable and very water-resistant. The surgical pleat, double lace fastening (inside and out), cotton cuffs and Velcro neck strap guarantee the perfect fit. Comes with two sterile paper hand towels.

  • Classification

    MD class I s compliant with EN 13795 standard

  • Sterility

    Sterility guaranteed for 5 years from the date of production

  • Material

    Material Softesse® non-woven fabric 67 gr/m2 latex

  • Size

    M, L, XL

  • Colo

    Light blue

Size Code Pieces Shoulder width Thorax width Total arm length Arm width Cuff length Neck circumference Maximum length of gown Total circumference of gown
M 270408 12 57 cm 63 cm 76 cm 29 cm 7 cm 71 cm 128 cm 150 cm
L 270409 12 58 cm 68 cm 82 cm 29 cm 7 cm 75 cm 130 cm 157,5 cm
XL 270410 12 66 cm 76 cm 86 cm 29 cm 7 cm 75 cm 134 cm 157,5 cm
  • Plus


    Prevents your body temperature from increasing thanks to the highly breathable fabric, which is also very water-resistant.
  • Plus


    The Softesse nonwoven fabric guarantees exceptional comfort. It’s perfect for lengthy operations and treating at-risk patients.
  • Plus


    Each gown is packed in a sterile medical blister pack and complete with a double adhesive label with barcode to provide maximum traceability.